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Hand made dishes of fresh vegetables and passion of Nasu Kogen

A dinner that you can taste on the marble dining floor is a full course of Western cuisine stuck to the ingredients and dishes

Light up the lights on handmade stained glasses and enjoy the elegant moments
  • Full Course Dinner

    ~Hors d'oeuvres and salads~
    Appetizer platter and local fresh vegetable salad in homemade dressing

    Consomme soup and potage soup etc.
    (It depends on season or day)

    ~Seafood Dish~
    Saute sauté cream sauce tailoring
    A classic salmon that can only be tasted here is a popular menu of repeaters☆It is

    ※We usually offer rice at fish dishes
    Rice is delicious Koshihikari from Nasu's farmer "Arimoto san"☆

    ~Main dish~
    Domestic beef ribbed steak
    Please enjoy safe domestic cattle with steak

    Homemade cake or mousse, seasonal fruit, sorbet etc.
    After eating, please enjoy the relaxing time with coffee, organic rooibos tea (non caffeine).

    ※Dinner will start at 18:00 (Please check in by 17:30)
    Because we are operating with a small number of people, basically we do not accept mealtime changes
    Menus may change without notice due to food ingredient purchase
    Both dinner and breakfast will be from 10 to 12 people (5 pairs)
  • Drink menu

    We offer 2 types of draft beer
    Sapporo Ebisu Meister, Kirin Braumister☆Please enjoy a different premium beer

    We have a wide selection of menus including wine, sour, shochu, Tochigi local sake, plum wine, soft drinks

    The sour is Sapporo's icicle sour (barrel)
    Please enjoy luxurious sour using white brandy

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  • Passionate ingredients

    We are choosing ingredients that you can relish with confidence

    Local vegetables, rice, main meat etc. We can offer you what we can say with confidence

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  • dining room

    Dining floor surrounded by trees, you can feel the change of the four seasons
    In the evening, hand-made stained glass gentle lights ... While feeling a fresh sunshine in the morning ...

    The dining table and lighting are also made in Italy, and a calm space
    Enjoy your meal in a spacious dining room