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Private Bath

Private reserved natural healing spa

A wide and transparent bath with natural marble and granite

Use is a private reservation for each room

Floor heating is set, so you can take a bath in warm even in winter
  • Natural marble bath

    When fully occupied, booking by time in order of check-in (every 30 minutes for each room)
    You can use it as long as you are free of reservation time
    We recommend that you take a bath before dinner as congestion is expected the day before the holiday or on the specific day

    [Opening Hour]From 15:00 to the following 10:00
    ※Cleaning will be in from 10:00 to 15:00, so please be aware of those who stay for 2 nights
  • Hot spring details

    You can enjoy a hot spring with a private bath on the ground floor and an open-air bath in a room with open-air bath

    Source name, Nasu Shiobara Momiji-no-yu

    Hot spring qualities
    Weak alkaline hypotonic high spring
    Chronic pain or stiffness of muscles / joints (chronic phase such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, neuralgia, frozen shoulder, bruises, sprains) muscle stiffness in cold, paralysis, peripheral circulation disorder, decreased gastrointestinal function, mild Symptoms due to stress (sleep disorder, depression, etc.) Post-mortem recovery period, recovery from fatigue, health promotion
    Please refrain from use when there is a physical condition such as high fever and serious illness
  • Spacious Dressing Room

    The undressing room is also spacious and it has the same size as the bathroom
    Luxurious building with stone paste washstand

    There are two dryers in the undressing room, one in each room
    You can use it freely, such as lotion, makeup cleansing facial foam, shaving gel
  • Nice service

    We are very popular among female customers since the service started

    In addition to shampoo and conditioner in bathroom, we have several kinds of shampoo and conditioner
    You can also use it freely