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Shot Bar

Please enjoy adult time at the Shot Bar in the evening

Adult space that seems to be in a different world only here, with a slight light in luxurious chandelier ... How about a couple after dinner by a couple? What?

Opening Hours, 21:00 to 24:00(Last Order 23: 30)
  • Shot Bar

    Enjoy a variety of alcoholic drinks including cocktails, whiskey, and wine
    Especially about 70 kinds of cocktails are prepared by swinging a shaker by owners who have experience of bartending themselves

    In the lounge where you like your favorite sake and relax, forget the time and have a moment of relaxation
    • Drink menu
      About 70 cocktails in the menu are the most popular☆A full-fledged cocktail can be enjoyed at reasonable prices

      We will also accept your favorite taste and original cocktail
    • Owner's hobby
      Shot Bar with miniature cars and figures lining up narrowly

      Did you combine the owner's hobby and profit? It is space.☆
    • Shot Bar details

      Business hours
      21:00 to 24:00(Last Order 23: 30)
      8 seats to 10 seats
      Shot Bar will be priority for reservation

      As you can make a reservation in advance, please request at time of reservation or check in

      ※Shot Bar can smoke in the Shot Bar
      People who are not good at smoking, and*Children can not use so please understand
      * (Reservation of accommodation is at least junior high school students)