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Surrounding tourism

Advance tickets are sold at the hotel

Highland Park(Fantasy pass), Usually 5,600 yen → 4,700 yen

Animal Kingdom, 2,400 yen → 1,800 yen

Trick Art Museum 3 common use ticket, 2,700 yen → 2,300 yen (Junior high school student 1,400 yen)

2 tickets common ticket 2,000 yen → 1,700 yen(Junior high school student 1,000 yen)

Single store ticket 1,300 yen → 1,000 yen(Junior high school student 600 yen)

Teddy Bear Museum, 1,080 yen → 800 yen

Stained Glass Museum, 1,300 yen → 900 yen

Seiji Fujishiro Art Museum, 1,500 yen → 1,200 yen


The advance ticket is the amount of one adult.
Advance tickets will be handed over on the same day or the next day (in the case of no dinner, only the next day)
If you are using the day, please Pension (from 8:30)※Please contact us by phone etc.
Adult criteria (adult rate, adult rate, senior discount etc. from junior high school student etc) It depends on the facility so please check with each facility
There are things that you can not prepare tickets for large numbers of people or when making a sudden reservation
We do not sell tickets only to people other than your stay
Advance tickets will be paid in cash
Even if you cancel the advance ticket, there is no cancellation fee

Highlights! Let's enjoy Nasu Kogen!

There are many theme parks and sightseeing facilities in Nasu Kogen

Please enjoy the taste of Nasu and plenty of natural attractions
  • Information on tourist facilities

    • Nasu Kogen Cheese Garden Gohokan

      Handmade sweets such as "Goyotei Cheese Cake" using fresh eggs and milk at Nasu Kogen are very popular as Nasu souvenirs.
      In addition, there are abundant selection of delicious cheese and wine selected from all over the world.
    • Biocidal stone

      It is a stone whose legend that the fox of Nine Tails who had repeatedly carried out wrongdoing was eradicated, became a poison stone, and poison was released from there.
      This name is attached because the life of approaching birds and beasts is robbed by venom.The smell of sulfur is buried all around.
    • Seiji Fujishiro Museum Nasu Kogen

      The works of Seiji Fujishiro is famous as a shadow artist, are on display, and the world of colorful fairy tale spreads in this facility.
      Various gimmicks are also given to various places, and you can enjoy from adults to children.I'm looking forward to seeing what it is.
    • Nasu Stained Glass Museum

      England is an art museum built by reproducing the Manor house of the nobility of the England Cotswold region.
      The inside of the facility is colored with beautiful antique stained glass, the sound of the pipe organ and the music box, and the fragrance of the aroma produce a more elegant space.
    • Nasu Highland Park

      Besides the ten big coasters that range from kids to screams, there are more than 40 attractions in all.In the nature experience zone you can also spend leisurely with fishing or footbath.
      There is also a theme hall of Japan's biggest toy "BANDAI Character Toy Stadium", and character events are also enriched.
    • Nasu Animal Kingdom

      Tokyo Dome large collection of animals from around the world gathers on a vast site of about 10 Tokyo Dome! There are plenty of events and shows as well.
      In addition, since indoor facilities are substantial, you can relax for a day even in rainy weather.
    • Nasu Trick Artpia

      You can experience the world of mysterious trick art with fun while watching works, touching, taking pictures together.
      There are 3 buildings "House of Trick Art", "Trick Art's Labyrinth Center", "Michelangelo's Museum", each with its own unique and different fun.Let's bring a camera together.
    • Nasu Teddy Bear Museum

      The works of Teddy Bear and artists from around the world and antique bears that make you feel the history are displayed.
      The expressive rich Teddy Bear is sure to be healed just by watching.There are shop which gathered Teddy Bear Goods facility, and tea room which you can spend elegant time.
    • Nasu Safari Park

      It is an "Hands-on Safari Park" where you can enjoy feeding to giraffes and elephants that are coming close to you.
      The animals watching close up are impressive full marks.The animals can be felt Safari walk by "Safari walk" where you Safari walk and observe animals, not from cars or buses.
    • Nasu World Monkey Park

      It is an experienced zoo where you can contact monkey and also ride elephant.
      A rare monkey in the world gathers together! Some unusual monkeys that can only be seen here in Japan.
      Cute monkey's variety variety show "Nasu Monkey Theater" is also recommended.
    • Nasu Rindoh-ko, LAKE VIEW

      Rindoko Lake 50th anniversary of the birthday of Rindoko Lake, renewed in the park, enjoying the power up!
      Let's have fun with cute animals, play with attractions and have lots of fun in Nasu's nature.
    • Mount Jeans Ski Resort Nasu

      From the experts course surrounded by beech forests, everyone in the family can enjoy it, from the beginner course gentle slope to the biggest kids park in the metropolitan area.
      Beginners park for snowboard beginner is also open.It is a ski area where you can enjoy skiing and snowboarding to yourself comfortably.
    • Hunter Mountain Shiobara

      Hantama largest snow resort in the metropolitan area.In addition to the slopes where you can enjoy 3,000 meters downhill, the snow park is also substantial.
      At Kids Park, there are plenty of playground equipment that Chibiko is delighted with.